Thanks to the support of the Scouts and Guides of Flanders we could finance a project for the local ‘ Scouts du Fleuve ‘ from Northern Senegal. In the vicinity of Saint-Louis we bought them a piece of ground and we built a small centre which has become a starting place for their activities and a storage place for their material.

The local scouts were an important support for our project in Mou�t : the scouts went from door-to-door in the surrounding villages to sensibilize the people ; an important promotion for the new field hospital . They also helped with the vaccination campaign, under the direction of the local doctors.

In the summer of 2015, in consultation with the guards of the National Park ‘Langue de Barbarie’, a scouts camp was organized in the National Park, with our financial help. The scouts helped with looking for the nests of sea turtles, in order to put a nest protection system around them ; scattered rubbish was being cleared and a mangrove was planted. Even the Minister of Youth paid an official visit.

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