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TOUGOULOUMA, zaterdag 18 maart in ‘t Eilandje, Zandvoorde, Oostende

Foodmarket, spijs en drank dus, muziek en dans t.v.v. de projecten van Tougoupeul in Senegal.

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Our first project, a little school for the peul of Tougou.

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The residents of Mouït find their way to the new field hospital relatively easily.


We work there with the scouts "Du Fleuve", they help in the project of the field hospital and the National Park "Langue de Barbarie", we built for them a room in Saint-Louis.


The new project: In the national park "Langue de Barbarie" there is an urgent need for a nature management plan with the aim of securing the future of the park, with its nature, but also its inhabitants, especially fishermen and their families.


Occupational therapy for the children of Mouit.


Tom Van Dyck on the Tougoupeul project.

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