La Escuela

We started our first project in 2007 : we built an elementary school in the town of Tougoupeul. The Senegalese government had many plans to take in hands the illiteracy outside the big cities , but often did not have the means for that. We made a deal with the administration that we would take care of the payment of the salaries of the teachers. ‘ Plan International ‘ of Unesco follows the schoolprogrammes and, next to the building, we take care of the logistic support : school furniture, sanitary, etc. Each year we provide the school with the necessary school books, notebooks, stationery, slates, chalk…

The school is operational since 2009,and has a number of approximately 110 pupils. In November 2014 the sanitary block was finished. Since December 2014 we pay for the meals for all the children of the school, an important argument for the parents to send their children to school. The care taken for the luncheon results in the fact that today more children are enrolled.

In the mean time, many children have already been able to continue to the secundary school, where they, what has been told, obtain very good results! In the mean time also, the government has selected the school of Tougoupeul to start some projects. On the school compound different kinds of trees are planted and maintained with the aim to let the pupils decide which trees could best be used to ‘ forest ‘ certain areas in the vicinity of the school.

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